SPIRIT LED MEN: They mobilize men to know to know that as children of God, they are the head of the family and see to let sanity prevail in the family, Church and the entire family.

SPIRIT LED WOMEN: The Spirit Led women has Pastor Vivian Bediako as its President and Mrs. Doris Dandzo as the National Leader. They are involved in the mobilization and the training of the women in the Church to perform their duties in the home, Church and in their communities.

CHILDREN : They train chldren in the fear and ways of the Lord Jesus Christ so that when they grow up, they will know no other way.

YOUTH : Youth Ministry is the avenue used by CCOM Church to break down the vision and the word spoken in the house at an age-appropriate level for children ages 12-30.

Our purpose is to instill the character, biblical foundations and principles of Christ into the hearts and minds of all children. Our mission is to equip children at their present age to develop an understanding of Christ that they would begin to develop and build a personal relationship with Christ. Our goal is to partner with CCOM Church parents as we together raise children who whole-heartedly serve Christ through obedience, worship, and Godly character.

WITNESSING MINISTRY: This Ministry share the gospel outside the pulpit. They go from door to door and from area to area witnessing and preaching Christ to the unsaved and the unbeliever.

M U S I C : The Music Ministry is made up of the main Inspiration Choir, the Worship Choir, the Women's Choir and the individual singers in the Church who together sing and bring the glory and presence of God down for a full activation of the Holy Spirit.

MEDIA MINISTRY: The Media Ministry is made up of the Video, Audio and Publication Ministries who document messages on tabloids, audio and visual tapes and to preserve history.

HELP MINISTRY: It is an organisation where members hand reach where ones effort fail in areas like job and accomodation acquisition for inland and other logistics for impoverised saints abroad.

PRISON MINISTRY: Prison visitation, presentation of food items and spraying the prisons to keep the place hygienic and kill bed bucks are part of the Church's contribution to meet the needs of the African society.